T-Cross of Death and Rebirth in 2010

This is probably the most difficult configuration of our time. Not since the Great Depression of the 1930's have Saturn, Uranus and Pluto been configured in such a challenging array. It will almost certainly coincide with a global crisis of previously unimagined proportions, most likely involving ecological upheaval bringing about economic collapse. However, the most skillful way to regard such an eventuality may be to see it as a necessary and inevitable consequence of our current trajectory, and quite possibly as the opportunity for a collective, global psycho-spiritual death-rebirth process, which we as a species must undergo in order that we might fulfill all of the prophesies in a way nobody could have foreseen, and be reborn as one. May we all prepare ourselves to act as midwives to that process. It will take great clarity to hold focus when all about us are in despair.